Tips To Make Successful Bets

Top 10 Tips To Make Successful Bets

To have all the odds on your side, some rules can help you make better decisions. Among them, for example, you should bet in a calm environment and not bet out of emotions.

Some tricks can give you access to free bets, increased odds, or other promotions so that you can take full advantage of each bookmaker. For more details on each bookmaker, check out our comparison of the best sports betting sites in 2022. To help guide both novice and experienced bettors, we have compiled a list of the best tips and rules for sports betting.

1. Take advantage of the various sign-up bonuses offered by sports betting operators.

One of the best tricks for sports betting is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by different bookmakers. On every sports betting site, you will find a sign-up bonus that will give you a refund on your first bet if it loses. Depending on the sports betting site, the bonus can vary. 

With these bonuses, you can place your first bet with more peace of mind, as you will be reimbursed either directly or in the form of free bets. With this tip, it is possible to accumulate up to a 1800€ welcome bonus if you use all ANJ-licensed sports betting sites in France.

2. Analyze the form of players, teams, and the calendar of past and future events.

Analyze the form of players

Favourites do not always win! Check the current form of the teams or players you want to bet on and see if certain players are injured. Some teams or athletes also have black sheep, so it is important to analyze past matches. The odds do not always reflect the true balance of power that can exist between two opponents.

Also, analyze the team’s schedule to see if more important matches are coming up or have already been played. Some regular players may get a break. At the end of the season, motivation can also vary greatly depending on a club’s ranking. Teams in the bottom third of the table will not have the same motivation as a team still playing for the title, a European place or relegation.

3. Avoid betting on your favourite team or athlete.

You always tend to want to bet on your favourite team and see them win or perform a feat. But this is a dangerous game where our emotions get the upper hand over reason and objectivity.

4. Compare the odds between different sports betting providers.

The odds tend to vary between different sports betting providers. So, see where the odds are the most favourable for the bet you want to make. This way, you can maximize your winnings in case of success. Some sites will have better odds on certain sports, so it is important to compare the different bookmakers.

5. Combined bets

Combined bets allow you to combine the odds of different bets. You can then make bigger profits by, for example, betting on several small odds where you are almost sure of the outcome. Some sites also offer odds that are increased after a certain number of combined bets.

It is possible to combine different types of bets and sports in a combined bet, for example, a mixture of soccer, tennis, and basketball. However, it is better to bet on sports that you know well. In a combination bet, if only one bet is lost, your entire combination bet is lost. So be careful not to be too greedy, because combining too many bets will significantly reduce your chances of success.

6. Avoid putting everything on a single bet.

Putting everything on a single game or bet is very risky. It is the best way to lose all your capital. Therefore, it is better to bet little by little and try to increase your capital gradually. This way you can also learn from your mistakes and improve your way of betting. Even if you are very sure of what you are doing, no bet is infallible, which brings us to our next point.

7. Be suspicious of infallible techniques and tipsters.

On the internet or social networks, you will find many people promising your techniques to win all the time or giving you profitable predictions.

Nobody has a miracle recipe, so beware of people who promise you to always win. It is better to increase your knowledge and try to improve your betting habits than blindly following some tipsters on the internet.

8. Bet only on the sports you follow.

Bet only on the sports you follow

If you have never followed ice hockey in your life, you should not bet on this sport. If you want to bet on a sports competition, you should know the teams that play there and follow them more or less. It may be wise to focus on the areas in which you are most proficient. If this is the case with a sport that is not so well known to the general public, this can even be an advantage, which brings us to our next tip.

9. Follow lesser-known sports.

If you follow sports that are less known to the general public, you might benefit. Sports betting sites are offering a wider and wider range of sports, which includes less popular sports like volleyball, snooker, or rally. Many people still bet on these sports without knowing much about them, and so even those in the know can benefit.

10. Take advantage of special offers and free bets on various sports betting sites.

Every week there are numerous special offers on the various sports betting sites. Whether for new players or already registered players, these promotions are available for everyone. The promotions and offers can be quite different, such as free bets, increased odds or even jackpots that can be shared.

Some sites may have promotions on certain contests or events. So, it may be worth checking the promotions on the different sites before you place your bet. After all, the game or event you want to bet on may have a promotion on one of the sports betting sites.

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